1. Open the saved file (or a copy of the saved file) using Acrobat Version 7 or higher (click here to download free Acrobat Reader).

  2. Fill in your UEN and Name. Select the Month and Year from the dropdown menus. For each print to be entered into competition, complete each line of information (for each line, the Competition and Makeup choices are selected from dropdown menus). You may enter no more than two prints per section (Large Color, Small Color, Small Monochrome) with up to two makeup prints per section if applicable.

  3. Using File>Save As, save the file with the title UEN_Month.pdf, where UEN is (surprise!) your UEN and 'Month' is the month fo the competition. For example: 41_November.pdf

Note: Be sure your UEN is correct! You must be a member of a current S4C member club to obtain a UEN. If you are eligible and need a UEN, click here.