Regular Entries

Each submission by an entrant into a single S4C Section Competition is termed an Entry. Each entry consists of up to 2 images (except for the one Interclub competition), not counting Makeups (see below). These images must conform to the rules and requirements of the Division in which they are entered.

Makeup Entries

Since (except for Interclub) two images are allowed per Entry per month, a total of 14 images may be submitted to a given competition during a given Competition Year. An entrant may ‘make up’ for any images not entered earlier in the Competition Year by entering additional images later in the same Competition Year as a Makeup Entry. Only one Makeup Entry may be submitted each month and can consist of at most two images.

Thus, in any given month, an entrant may submit up to four images: up to two regular images and, if available, up to two makeup images. Submitting images ahead of schedule is not permitted (so the number of images submitted year-to-date may not exceed the number of elapsed competition months times the number of images permitted per entry).

Entrants are reminded that there may not be time in the balance of the Competition Year to make up for several competitions missed earlier in the year.

Note for judges: A judge may not enter makeups in any month that s/he is judging.