Links to Definitions & Guidelines

D = Digital
P = Print


Each Division (Pictorial, Nature, Photo Travel, Photojournalism) and each Section within each Division has definitions and guidelines covering the content of images that may be entered into that Section and the criteria by which images will be judged. Entrants should familiarize themselves with these definitions and guidelines for any Section they intend to enter.

Images not meeting the definitions and guidelines are subject to being Disqualified (DQ'ed) in competition.

S4C conducts digital competitions within all four Divisions. Print competitions are only conducted within the Pictorial (formerly known as Color) Division. All competitions are only open to individual entrants who are members of an S4C club, except for the digital Pictorial Interclub Color competition.

Besides the specific guidelines, there are also important general guidelines that apply across all or several divisions:

  1. Image must be made by the Entrant. Click here for details.

  2. Images must comply with restrictions on size and presentation. Click here for details.

  3. Images must meet manipulation restrictions for reality-based Divisions (Nature, Photo Travel, Photojournalism). Click here for details.

  4. Except as noted here, images that win Honorable Mention or Awards may never be re-entered in the same Division and may only be entered in another Division in a subsequent year.

  5. Regardless of how many times it is entered into however many Divisions, the same image - whether digital or print - must always bear exactly the same title. (An image entered into Monochrome may have the abbreviation mono or bw appended. An image entered into Creative may be titled differently from the original image(s) from which it was derived).