With the exceptions noted below, an image that has won an Award or an HM in any Division cannot be re-entered in any competition in the same Division. It can only be re-entered into another Division’s competition in a subsequent year.

Exceptions to this rule are as follows:

  1. Images that have won an HM or Award in any Print competition can be re-entered into any Digital competition in a subsequent year, or vice‑versa.

  2. With the exception noted in (1), once a manipulated (including conversion to monochrome for purposes of entering a monochrome competition) image has received an HM or an Award in any Pictorial competition, the original base image may not be re-used with another manipulation (including conversion to monochrome) for entering the same or any other Pictorial Division competition.

    For these purposes, the base image is the image – or any substantial part or major focal point of that image - first entered into any competition (and that received an HM or an Award), or any image from which that first image was derived