Southern California Roundup Chapter of PSA: 2014 Event Photos
Photos by: Thanh Lam, PPSA
Herb Spencer and Judi Mullhofer traveled 175 miles from Bakersfield, CA to attend the Roundup Event.
Jan Maguire, FPSA, MPSA, led the Walk-About around the historic Mission Inn.
The evening Walk-About participants assembled at the Chinese Pavilion. The Friday group was surprised to see that George Lepp was joining them!
... and he helped the participants to use various camera features and settings.
Lance Folden, Canon Product Educator, also joined the Friday group ...
Participants shot in every direction, at various angles and heights, and the sidewalk become a tripod "forest."
Jan helped the participants with settlings ...
... and shared her experience photographing The Mission Inn and the area around The Mission Inn. George Lepp shared the images he was taking with the participants.  To see some of the photos taken during the Walk-Abouts click here.
Sherri Beck and Gene Almendinger traveled 330 miles from Scottsdale, AZ, and purchased both books.
Saturday morning Chris Wilkins and Tina Crowe welcomed everyone and handed out the name badges.
In the morning, during the breaks, at lunch-time, and as the event closed with a socialization period; Kathryn Lepp had two of George's books (one she co-authored) available for sale. 
John Izumi of KEH Camera was available to purchase participant's used camera bodies and lenses.  KEH provided badge lanyards and cups holders. Lance Folden, Canon Product Educator, had a display of the newest Canon cameras and lenses, and he answered participants' questions.
Joanne Stolte, FPSA, MPSA, Chair of the Roundup Chapter, opened the meeting by introducing 26 new PSA members who joined in the last three months since the Roundup registration was posted.
Following introduction of the new members, long-time member Bob Logsden was introduced.  Bob joined PSA in 1955 and is celebrating 59 years of membership.
New members had red "New Member" ribbons on their name badges and reserved seating.
Danny Tayenaka, Photography Instructor at California Baptist University (CBU) was also a guest.
Nan Carder, EPSA, PSA VP of Chapters Clubs, & Councils, showed Asaph Green, one of the RCC students the PSA web site.
Photography students from Riverside City College (RCC) were guests at the event.  Several have now joined PSA.
Following George's presentation, Joanne presented him with the PSA 75th Anniversary Book which features members selected images ... ... and then took a selfie with George!
George Lepp, one of North America's best-known contemporary outdoor and nature photographers, was the featured speaker.  George is a Canon Explorer of Light and has received the prestigious Progress Medal, the highest award given by PSA.
Following Robert's presentation, Joanne presented him with the PSA 75th Anniversary Book.
Following lunch in the CBU Cafeteria, everyone took their seats for the afternoon program. Robert OToole, who is internationally recognized as one of the leading photographers working in the nature photo tour industry, was the afternoon speaker.
Both speakers were generous with their time. Here George is chatting with Nancy Varga who later won a presentation-copy of George's book "Golden Poppies of California."
George also talked with Steve Bien who helped introduce Robert OToole by showing 15 images he took on a photo workshop to Alaska with Robert.
Stuart Lynn, Vice Chair of the PSA Roundup Chapter, developed the program for the drawing that took place at the end of the day.
Tony Gonzales won a camera level cube from Hunts Photo & Video during the drawing. James Wat received a Wimberly Plamp Clamp from Hunts Photo & Video.
During the drawing, Tina Crowe won an Urban Shoulder Bag from Hunts Photo & Video.
Thanh Lam received a PSA logo T-shirt. George Lepp made possible this Hoodman Compact HoodLoupe which was won by Bonnie Matthews. Robert OToole made possible ten logo gifts from Perfect Light. Chris Wilkins won this lens cleaning cloth.
PSA logo items, like this fleece vest, were offered in the drawing. Dwight Franke won this vest.
Lin Craft won this thermos with was also from Perfect Light. Barbara Burke received this backpack and ... ... Bill Sutton won this logo T-shirt from Perfect Light.
PSA President John Davis, APSA, PPSA, travelled from Washington state to attend this Roundup Event. John addressed the attendees at the conclusion of the program. As he finished his remarks, John presented a special PSA coin for exceptional service to Joanne Stolte. All new members, and others interested in learning more about PSA, were invited to view a six minute video.  Joanne then reviewed the "first steps" for new members to begin taking advantage of the benefits of PSA membership and answered questions.
The Saturday evening Walk-About participants assembled at the Chinese Pavilion. They were suprised to see John Davis was joining them!

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