Re-Entry Rule

With the exceptions noted below, an image that has won an Award or an HM in any Division cannot be re-entered in any competition in the same Division. It can only be re-entered into another Division's competition in a subsequent competition year.


1. Images historically entered into the Print Pictorial Division (color or monochrome) may now be entered into an appropriate Digital Pictorial Section (subject to the entry rules for that Section) .

2. Images may be manipulated for use in all Pictorial Division Section* competitions (the term 'manipulation' includes conversion to monochrome). However, for purposes of considering re-entry all such manipulated images are considered to be the same image as the original if they share any substantial part or focal point. The original image and all such derived images are called 'Like Images'.

3. Like Images cannot be entered in the same competition month.

4. Once any Like Image has won an HM or an Award:

• It or any other Like Image can be entered in any other Pictorial Division Section competition (subject to the entry rules for that Section) – but only in a subsequent competition year.

• It or any other Like Image cannot ever be re-entered in the same Pictorial Division Section competition.


* Pictorial Division sections are Color (Interclub and Individual), Creative, Monochrome, Arranged Color and Arranged Monochrome.