InterClub Entrant Rules

This should be read with an understanding of the Interclub Makeup Rules.

An individual decides to which Club s/he joins and belongs, the 'Home' Club. Images by the entrant may only be entered into Interclub by the Home Club.Thus, two or more clubs may not submit images into Interclub from the same Entrant during the same Competition Year.

A Club assigns the Skill Level for each club member image entered into InterClub. Once an image has been entered by a Club for that entrant, the same Skill Level must be used for that Entrant and cannot be changed during the rest of the Competition Year. Assigned Skill Levels for an Interclub entrant should not be lower than the Skill Levels at which the entrant enters the regular S4C Pictorial Individual Color competition, but this is a minimum guide only and club Interclub Cordinators should asses fairly the proper Skill Level for an entrant from their club, seeking advice from the S4C Competition Chair where there is any doubt. It is not fair to other clubs for an entrant to be entered, for example, at the A Skill Level when there is an historical pattern of the entrant's images that is demonstrably AA level work, whether or not that has yet been formally recognized by S4C - indeed in some cases, the entrant may never have entered S4C's Pictorial Individual Color competition.

In any given Competition Month, for a given Entrant at most one Standard Entry Image and, if eligible, at most one Regular Makeup may be entered. Several Special Makeup images may be entered to correspond to the number of DQ's that have not already been 'made up'; however, every effort should be made to spread these Special Makeups over the competition year so that a given Entrant does not overcrowd one competition.

Excluding DQ's the total number of images submitted YTD for a given Entrant should not exceed the number of competition months to date in the Competition Year.