About Interclub

The S4C Pictorial Division hosts one competition that is for S4C member clubs to enter rather than individuals: namely the Pictorial Interclub Competition. The Interclub competition includes the A and AA Skill Levels. Each club may each competition month submit one entry from each Skill Level.

Entries for each club are all coordinated by an individual designated by the club as the Interclub Coordinator (IC), although an IC’s alternate may actually submit each entry in any given month. In any given month, however, all entries must be submitted by the designated individual for that month whether it be the IC or his/her alternate for that month.

Standings Tables are maintained for clubs just as for individuals based on total aggregate points accumulated from the club entries. HMs and Awards, however, are attributed to the individual image makers.

In addition to other recusal requirements judges must recuse themselves from scoring images entered into Interclub by their club. The image then receives an imputed score for that judge of the average of the other two judges’ scores, rounded up. To ensure this is practicable, no more than one judge can be from the same club.