Entrant Eligibiliy & UENs

To enter an S4C competition, an entrant must be a current member of a club that is a member of S4C. Please be sure to check with your club president as to whether your club is a current member of S4C.

Uniform Entry Number (UEN)

Any member of an S4C club entering an S4C competition must have a Uniform Entry Number (UEN). The UEN is used to identify the entrant in all competitions. Once assigned, it may be used for so long as the entrant is a current member of an S4C club.

Requests for UENs must normally be received at least 2 weeks prior to the first competition at which it will be used (late requests are granted from time to time when practicable, but the entrant should not depend on it). A UEN is requested by completing an online form and then clicking on the Apply For UEN button.