Photo Travel General Definition

A Photo Travel image expresses the characteristic (distinctive) features or culture of a land as they are found naturally. There are no geographic limitations. Images from events or activities arranged specifically for photography, or of subjects directed or hired for photography are not appropriate. Close up pictures of people or objects must include features that provide information about the environment.

For PSA Photo Travel Division guidelines clarifying this definition, click here. Note, however, S4C uses a uniform definition regarding alterations for all 3 reality-based divisions (see Special Note). Also, S4C DQs (Disqualifies) images that do not meet the PT definition. This is fairer to the maker than just giving a low score.

Note 1: An image taken just while traveling may or may not fit this definition. The primary elements of the image must be characteristic - that is, distinctive - with respect to features or culture.

Note 2: Entrants are cautioned that the sentence on arranged events or activities includes any images that appear to be arranged to the judges even though the judges will give benefit of the doubt to the maker. Entrants are therefore advised that such images may well be disqualified (DQed).

Note 3: For an excellent article clarifying the Photo Travel definition please read "Photo Travel" by Roy Killen, also downloadable from the PSA website.

See Special Note regarding Alterations and Borders